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Brooks High School is a place of peace, where the focus is on learning to ensure that our students have the capacity to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Our strong school culture highly values student wellbeing, positive relationships and respectful behaviour. We enjoy outstanding facilities set in extensive park like grounds with views over the beautiful Tamar Valley.

It is my passion to support each and every student to do their best at school. This looks different for every student. For some it is providing high quality academic programs, for others counselling as they negotiate their way through adolescence and for others it is providing flexible programs on a part time timetable that is engaging and meets that student’s needs. To this end we offer a large number of subject options including Tourism, Creative Writing, Advanced Maths and Science, Computing, Fitness and Conditioning, Sports Science, Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Design Technologies, Food Technology and Child Studies. Students enthusiastically engage in these programs and it has been wonderful to hear the excited tones when talking about their learning. Many excursions are offered and are related to each students chosen subject. These experiences have given our students a deeper insight into their learning by essentially expanding the walls of the classroom.

Brooks is a sporting school and we successfully participate in a wide range of sports competitions in a variety of sports including soccer, cricket, netball, football, basketball, athletics and swimming, to name a few.

We excel in the Arts. Our Drama, Dance and Arts departments’ successful nomination in a prestigious national ANZAC day award is testament to the quality of our work. Not only were we the high school state winners but our entry was judged as the national high school winners, defeating many other high school entries from across Australia.

One thing that remains consistently important is the need for families and schools to work collaboratively together. Parents and schools share a responsibility to educate our young people. I thank all our community members for their commitment, support and efforts towards providing positive futures for our young people.

It is my privilege to lead a dedicated Brooks’ staff passionate about making a difference in the lives of our young people. All give much more that is expected of them and they are essentially the difference between a conventional school and the exceptional place that Brooks High School is today.

Louise Fisher